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Borui Casting is the professional exhaust manifold manufacturer in China, specializing to produce various cast iron exhaust manifolds, including gray iron and ductile iron exhaust manifolds. Our advantagous is producing aftermarkt, custom, OEM exhaust manifolds.

Borui Casting International Ltd is a joint-venture foundry company in China. Our main share holder is Dandong Foundry, we also have some assosiated foundries in our local area, who have produced cast iron exhaust manifolds for many years.

We are ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified, and have completed quality control and inspection system. All of our exhaust manifolds have one year quality warranty. This will effectively save the further quality inspection costs for our clients.

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Exhaust Manifold


We could produce various cast iron (gray iron, ductile iron) exhaust manifolds according to drawings or samples. Our foundry could produce many types of Dorman's exhaust manifolds for Ford, Lincoln, GMC cars, SUV and pickup trucks.


Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold

Dorman Exhaust Manifold

Ford & Lincoln Exhaust Manifold

Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold


Production Equipment


Our foundry has established over 50 years, so we have very rich production experience for various gray iron and ductile iron casting products.

Our main casting production equipments inlcudes automatic molding line, green sand machine molding, shell molding process, resin sand molding line etc.

We also have many CNC centers, and other machining equipments, so we could complete all machining works by our own.

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Quality Control & Inspection


We have quality management certificate of ISO 2001 and TS 16949, so our quality control and inspection is our advantage.

As all know, for producing cast iron exhaust manifolds, the production is not easy, but the quality control and inspection is even more difficult and complex. We could perform 100% inspection to all exhaust manifolds we delivered.

Our quality inspection include mechanical testing, chemical analysis, metallographic inspection, ultrosnoic testing, visual inspection, dimensional inspection and liquid penetrant inspection etc.

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